What to do when my beads break

Hey Queen,

So I’ve had a handful of ladies to reach out when their beads break. 

That prompted me to write this blog about when beads break or I would prefer to say 

“Release”. In the western world we are truly control freaks in many areas of our lives. Some things which we cannot control. For example, a traffic jams or kids asking for candy.

 Becoming aware of our controlling nature our ancestors used the time when beads released to meditate, reflect, and redirect energy. Take time to see your progress if it was for weight loss or manifesting a goal. Take time to read up on your color meaning or journal. 

Self awareness and reflection is key on your journey to greater self love and abundance. So the next time a bead releases from you take time to meditate and reflect. A Queen recently told me she even repurposes her beads for an anklet or bracelet. Which is powerful for redirecting our negative thoughts. Remember sis to control your energy. 

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