Why we wear waistbeads

Waistbeads (waist beads I believe we made it one word but its really two!) have been worn by women in Africa for many centuries. They are most popular in West Africa but are also worn by black women all over the world even today. These colorful beads are worn in strings around the waist under clothes. For many women waist beads are a symbol of sensuality, femininity and a rite of passage. All over the world women wear beads for various reasons. We at Beauty Impact Accessories use them to practice mindfulness, self-love, and heal.
Some tribes in Africa like the Krobos in Ghana require that girls wear a lot of waistbeads in a ceremony to usher girls into womanhood. In many parts of Africa as well girls wear beads even from birth. The beads for babies, adolescents and women are all completely different. Beauty Impact Accessories now offers a Rites of Passages fitting packages to celebrate your princess into queendom.
Weight watching
Waistbeads are an easy and awesome way for women to know when they lose or gain weight. The beads get loose when a woman loses weight and tight when she gains weight. This trick has been used by women for many years. That’s right sis before waist trainer and cincher there were waist beads.
A lot of women wear waist beads because of the added value they add to intimacy. Traditionally, they are worn underneath clothing only men who are sexual partners of women get to see these beads and it adds to the romance. There are some beads that are also specifically worn during sex to add to the sex appeal of the woman. BIA now offers ceremonial beads for brides-to-be and newlyweds as well as pregnancy beads.
How-to apply waist beads at home
1. Put the beads around the desired position around the waist
2. Secure a comfortable length to the bead and hold on to the excess beads
3. Tie several knots to secure the beads around the waist
4. Leave about a quarter inch of string after the knot and cut the remaining string
Optional to add a bit of nail glue to secure them
When your beads break
Its not a bad thing! It’s a time to meditate and reflect. In America and western world, we want to hold on to things forever ,but everything has it time and intention. When you put on our beads you set an intention. When you beads were released you have time to reflect and regroup for your next transition in live. Celebrate sis!
Brittany Elise, Beauty Impact Accessories

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